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Vincent Valentine KoH
Name of Character: Vincent Valentine
Position: Transfiguration teacher
House: Used to be Slytherin.
Wand: Oak wood, 11 ½ inches, highly unyielding, phoenix feather core. This wand is a special wand, as it was his own pet phoenix that he had donated the feather to Ollivanders in order to make his wand. It looks black and smooth, almost exactly how he appeals on the outside as a cold and darker teacher.
Blood Status: Half-blood
Physical Attributes: Vincent is always seen in his school robes, although they are personally altered in the front to raise up enough that his mouth would be covered from view except from those taller than him. He has long, unkempt black hair that sticks up in many directions in some places, and piercing red eyes. His robes are tattered with age along the end, and always covers his left arm, to hide the gold-plated gauntlet he wears to cover scarred and damaged flesh. He does the same thing to his feet, always wearing
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Ienzo Michael Winchester-Kingdom of Hogwarts
Name of Character: Ienzo Michael Winchester
Year: First year.
House: Slytherin
Wand: Phoenix Feather core, Willow wood, 27 cm. (10.6 in), slightly yielding. The wand itself is rather plain, but still rather ornate. It's cut to look like a proper, or common wand, but at the same time has small, delicate carvings of willow branches within the wood, which are easy to miss unless closely observed.
Blood Status: Pureblood
Classes: Defense, Charms, Potions, Transfiguration, Flying
Physical Attributes: Standing at about 4'4", Ienzo is considerably one of the shortest students at Hogwarts. He tends to look more like he is still a child instead of the necessary age for acceptance at Hogwarts, but make no mistake... he makes up for his youth with his mind. He has layered slate-blue hair that is considerably shorter in the back than it is in the front, most of the hair in the front coming coming to rest at chin and covering one half of his face, a
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Frostiron-King of the Mountain
Cheering. There was cheering going on, but it wasn't from the people, no, it was from the Chitauri, whom now proudly paraded around the captured avengers in front of the entire city, each of their terrified faces reflecting the pain and torment going on behind the fallen heroes eyes, deep within their minds. The Chitauri were banging on their armour, screaming at the heroes to rub in their failure. Each of them were chained, marched in a line. Tony was the first in line, and the least damaged, a small scratch to his cheek, armour torn off, and he was bruised and sore all over. Next in line was Steve, whom had a wound to his stomach and a gash above one eye, shield nowhere in sight. Third was Natasha, her shoulders dislocated and her leg gashed from knee to hip, hindering her movements. Her face was bloodied as well, but not too badly. Fourth was Clint, with a broken arm, and blood coming from his ears. Fifth was Thor, the most bloodied out of all of them, and barely able to walk, let a
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Little Lu~ by deadblackkat Little Lu~ :icondeadblackkat:deadblackkat 5 12 Cain-Contest by deadblackkat Cain-Contest :icondeadblackkat:deadblackkat 3 2 Kitty Kat by deadblackkat Kitty Kat :icondeadblackkat:deadblackkat 2 4
Spring was always one of his favorite times of year, and he didn't exactly know why, although right now, he could tell you exactly why.
Spring was the time of rebirth after the dormant winter, after everything was killed off, birds chirping, bees buzzing, and most of all… It was when Sora, Kairi, Terra, Aqua, Vanitas, and Ventus came to visit him.
He had long since moved from Tokyo, and with it, left his best friends behind because of his health taking a turn for the worst, and when golden week came around, the friends would never hesitate to spend it with him, despite the travel costs. He was always looking forward to it each and every year.
But this year, his illness was getting worse, and he could barely make it up out of the bed to greet them with a simple nonchalant 'hey' even though he wanted to squeeze them all to death, but somehow he still did it and put on the illusion that he was fine. Aqua had a ring around her finger, and definitely glowed with happiness, and Terra ha
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Wig-Style by deadblackkat Wig-Style :icondeadblackkat:deadblackkat 1 8 Gift. :3 by deadblackkat Gift. :3 :icondeadblackkat:deadblackkat 2 4 B-day gift for Nobody-at-Heart by deadblackkat B-day gift for Nobody-at-Heart :icondeadblackkat:deadblackkat 1 12 Alluring Secret --Black Vow-- by deadblackkat Alluring Secret --Black Vow-- :icondeadblackkat:deadblackkat 2 2 Yuuki Pic by deadblackkat Yuuki Pic :icondeadblackkat:deadblackkat 2 0
Yuuki KoH-KH OC
Character Profile
Basic Intel
Name: Yuuki
NickName: Yuu or Kiki
Age: 16
DOB: December 13
Gender: Female
Occupation: Young Keyblader
Detailed Intel
Physical Appearance: She still keeps her small stature, only being 5'1, and while she is scrawny, she is in no way weak. Her face is more angled, but still holds slightly childish features. Her eyes are the same violet-aqua as before, only slightly brighter. She keeps her hair shoulder-length on one side, and just above the ear on the other, it gradually getting longer. She keeps it pinned back so it won't fall in her face.
Personality: She is more laid-back, calm, and reserved than before, only speaking when needed to. After the fall of Radiant Garden to Hollow Bastion and being kicked to Traverse Town with Leon and the gang, she became very brash and quick to fight, having severe trust issues. She keeps everyone an arm's length away, and rarely show
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Yuuki KoH-BBS OC
Character Profile
Basic Intel
Name: Yuuki (gentle hope)
NickName: Yuu or Kiki
Age: 5
DOB: December 13
Gender: Female
Occupation: Currently an orphan
Detailed Intel
Physical Appearance: Small and scrawny with a more ragged appearance. She has messy black hair and unusual violet-aqua eyes, small nose, thin lips, and almost sickly-pale skin. She weighs only 32lbs, and is only 3'41/2" tall. She keeps her hair in a side ponytail, although it's obvious it was never brushed before. It ends at the middle of her chest.
Personality: She has a very varied emotional repertoire, and makes it so that it's hard to tell if she is actually feeling that emotion, or if she is acting. She is mischievous, but hides it under her small and helpless appearance. The only emotions that are almost never faked are happiness, love, admiration, and despair. She is not one to hide her emotions at all and tends to be happy mos
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firetruck dis bill by deadblackkat firetruck dis bill :icondeadblackkat:deadblackkat 1 0 Scary Movie Night by deadblackkat Scary Movie Night :icondeadblackkat:deadblackkat 2 0


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What is your characters name?: Azrael, although she will always introduce herself under an Alias, mostly 'Azzie', 'Az', or 'Azaria', sometimes something completely new.

Which video game or movie is this character from? Technically, none of the above. She's originally from myth. Aaaah~ I'm going to have a fun time trying to take her down a knotch~

Why do you want to Role-play as this character?: She's my creation, something I can connect with and feel as though it speaks to me from my heart.

Do you really think that you can Role-play this character?: Of course! I already do on Tumblr, and nobody has seemed to have an issue yet.

Have you role-played this character before in other chats/forums?: See above.

Can you please describe your character's personality?: Azrael is definitely a more… tragic character. She seems innocent and meek on first meeting, but that's to hide how much she has already seen. She definitely has a very spotty personality, but most of the time, she is jovial and motherly. She completely abhors killing in it's entirety. And this is her 'Light' side.

Her 'Dark' side, however, is the more sadistic kind. She will play innocent like her 'Light' side, but don't be surprised if she shoves a blade through your side. She is much darker, and insane, preferring to toy with someone until they stop becoming interesting in order to kill them.

The issue is with this, Azrael's 'Light' side will do anything to stop the 'Dark' side, as if the 'Dark' side is ever fully released, her 'Light' will die out and there will be only darkness.

The switch between dark and light only happens through pain and surprise happening at once, or extremely severe pain. Not emotional pain, but physical.

How many times a week do you think you can log into the chat and RP?: As often as I can. I cannot promise anything because of my Job and my schooling, but… whenever I can. Just have someone send me a reminder! I'm almost always online after 8, except during schooldays. ^^;

Do you have any ideas concerning the character you wish to Role-play as?: There is a few… but this more ties with what's going on with her personality.

Azrael is a balancer between light and darkness. She'll manipulate things behind the scenes in order to try and retain balance. She is by no means a god, but rather just a recorder of events, staying on the fence for the majority of it. With the darkness getting stronger from the heartless, the balance has tipped, and it's affecting her own personality since she lost someone she loved to the darkness… and now, she's more active.

There are certain things that she can do in both forms: [In brackets is it's Gracial cost out of 100 for each time. If she reaches 100, she'll hit her limit and change. All of these are like parking meters. You pay first then are able to use it for the time allotted. This number regenerates at a rate of 4 per Hour.]

  • Materialize objects (takes more out of her depending on the size of the object) [Gracial Cost: Small: 5 per object. Medium: 10 per object. Large: 20 per object]
  • Manipulate matter (most of it is illusions though, and again, this takes a lot out of her.) [Gracial Cost: Initial Illusion: 30. Keeping the Illusion: 10 every 10 minutes.]
  • Fly (although this is more instant transportation. She does have six wings, though) [Gracial Cost: Same World: 10. Different world: One lane passage: 20 Two lane passage: 40. Three lane passage: 60. Etc.]
  • Black Fire. (Mostly used as a whip [Further explained below]. It harms her almost as much as it harms others.) [Gracial cost: Blade: 20 per half-hour used. Whip: 30 per half-hour used.]


Her weapon of choice, when not serious, is a thin katana that seems to have darkness flowing out of the blade. When she is serious, though, she discards the katana and instead just uses a black, fire-like darkness that comes from her fingertips that consumes everything it touches. Mostly, it acts like a whip, but it is controlled by her thoughts… the downside is by doing this, since it is her grace, she reaches her limit faster and focuses on ending the fight quickly.

The only difference there is between the 'Dark' and 'Light' sides of her is the mentality. While her Light side will try to find a peaceful solution to the problem without the use of violence, and killing only as a last resort, or if it is a 'me or you' sort of thing, her dark side would much rather kill than even try to negotiate, heading in without a plan and just trying to attack with no remorse. The downsides to both sides is that the Light side is too trusting… and the Dark side is too reckless. Both can be exploited.

Due to her wings though, they increase her agility, making it hard to land a hit on her in the first place. But this is a double-edged blade. Not only are her wings her biggest strength, but they are also her biggest weak spot, and she has six of them. They're super sensitive to all sensations, ranging from pleasure to pain. They normally reside in tattoos on her back.

The other thing is that she is not impervious. Yes, she is harder to kill, but there are times where it is easier. For example: The more she uses her wings and grace, the closer she gets to a limit. Once she reaches the limit, she becomes basically the equivalent of a human, only with cat ears and a tail. Outside of her fighting abilities greatly decreasing, she cannot use her grace or her wings at all in this form, but she can shapeshift into a little kitten, but only once per hour back and forth. That is basically it. She's still pretty agile and flexible due to years and years of training, but not as much as before.

She isn't omnipotent, but she does have a habit of knowing more than she lets on.

Appearance: Azrael is a petite woman standing at about 5'4". She seems to be extremely fragile, frail, and thin, yet she isn't at all. Her eyes are a light violet, almost lavender in colour, and she has a very rounded face. Her hair comes to her shoulders, completely straight, except for one wavy piece of hair that falls across her face diagonally until the corner of her lip, not inhibiting any of her sight. She wears a white dress normally, the back cut low to accommodate her wings, as one sleeve is made out of lace and goes to her wrists in a bell-sleeve cut, the other arm left completely sleeveless. A single golden sash wraps around her waist into a bow in the back to accentuate the dress. The dress itself comes to her knees, and she normally does not wear shoes if she can help it, but if she does, it's a pair of lace-up sandals like on the Colossus. Her clothes tend to stay the same on most worlds, with a few exceptions that she allows the world's magic to interfere with her own. (halloweentown for one, and Atlantis, and a few others.)

What is your role-playing style? I PREFER NONE! XU I just don't like first person. It feels wrong. Script and Para are good.

Role-play sample (4-5 lines minimum): Do I haaaaave to? Okay…

"Seriously, you have to listen to me!" The 'angel' frowned and tugged on the other's sleeve, trying to get his attention. Her face was wracked with concern, although that didn't seem to matter to the other. "You go out there, you're going to be devoured by the heartless… don't do it. You're not ready to. Your heart is tainted, and will be devoured." She frowned and looked away. "Please… I don't want to lose someone else…"

And another because why not?

"The world is out of balance." She stated simply, staring off into the distance, stars twinkling above in the sky. "More and more worlds are consumed by darkness, and even those that defend them are being consumed… The world is out of balance again… someone's trying to start another keyblade war." She kept quiet until now, and stayed within the shadows, her words being carried to the one that needed to hear them. She turned and disappeared into the shadows as she left to the next world.

  • Listening to: BBS soundtrack
  • Reading: Antigone
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts II
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Tea


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